Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leak fixed

Well I fixed the leak in the water line. While helping my brother with his Airstream LPG lines, we were looking at what type of fittings to replace existing parts with. For the copper lines, you can use a flare fitting or a compression fitting with ferrule (or solder, but it is a gas line, yikes!) I prefer the flare fitting, but did not have a good reason to tell him other than my preference. However, after my experience with both fittings while working on the water heater bypass, I believe the flare fittings are more robust.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Water heater Bypass and Sanding

The other day I installed the water heater bypass to reduce the amount of RV antifreeze used to flush the system of water. However, I created a leak in another fitting and today finished the repairs of the leak. I am awaiting more deliveries to prepare it for the last camping trip of this year. I now have almost all of the primer gray sanded off of the rear f the rig, wow it is amazing how beautiful she is under that layer of paint. I will need to find out how to rejuvenate the gell-coat of the rig, as there were areas where the white had been sanded off and also there are cracks in places.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nearby Travcos

The other day I discovered there is another Travco (one of my followers) nearby (a good looking rig) and possibly another even closer. No pictures this posting, even though I talked to the previous owner of my Travco the other night and he thinks I should have LOTS of photos. . Even though my wife may not care much for it, I am casually looking for another Travco of similar age and style, a sister to use as my "Belle" to my current Travco "Travis" (I know, really creative, huh? Not!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cold Weather and Spare Tire

OK, so it is time to get the Travco ready for winter. I use the sink on occasion with my work in the Travco, but not enough to risk frozen pipes. The '66 has made it this long without a winterizing setup, but I think it is time for one. My friend Gary has a water heater bypass at his shop, so after I determine there is enough extra room above the water heater for the bypass valve fittings, I will install the bypass as well as a connection to suck-up the RV anti-freeze. The resent wave of warm weather has allowed me to drag my feet on this "upgrade."

A week or so ago while my wife and I were in Little Rock visiting with family showing off the new baby boy, I picked-up the spare tire from Chuck. When I got home I aired it up to 65psi and yesterday I checked it and it still had air in it, so we are good to go! I have it mounted over the rear bumper using the bumper/receiver hitch w/swing-out spare tire holder thingy that I took from a donor Winny B. I feel a lot better having a spare tire now.

Today is my wife's birthday, so Happy Birthday Manda!