Sunday, April 11, 2010

1967 Travco Dodge Mahaul towed home

Just yesterday my brother and I traveled to another part of our great state of Arkansas to tow his "NEW" Dodge Travco motor-home back to my house. It will stay here until it is ready for the trip to his house, hopefully soon. It is a 1967 Dodge Mahaul (Travco) with a 318cuin Dodge truck engine and a Kohler 6.5kw generator. We drove my Travco down there to tow his back as a last resort if we could not fix his brakes. After all other items were ready, I put brake fluid in the master cylinder and nope. It was totally done, no more to give, rubber was rotted-out. So, that meant we would have to attach a tow-bar and tow away! So plan 'B' was to have him ride in the second rig when we got to the hills to help the pair up the hills. Ok, even though it was able to move on its own, it was not able to help at all. So, plan 'C' was... my Travco was on its own. Well, you know what, it made it just fine. Round trip was 266 miles, 54 gallons, 5MPG, 5.5 hours drive time, 47MPH average. So I would say that the towing power of the Travco is Excellent!