Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming Trip

Well, Memorial Day is coming up and I plan to take the Travco out down by the Mulberry River to enjoy some camping with friends. Fun, fun, fun!

I have replaced the door latch with a locking handle, so the door will have two locks instead of only the deadbolt. I also plan to add a receiver hitch to the front under the bumper (if I can get a good deal on one) so I can carry a hitch-haul on the front for a 4-wheeler or firewood, while towing a truck or trailer from the rear. I have so much firewood now (ice storm and so many downed trees) that I darn well could have a very big-ol' bonfire at the campsite!

I have purchased one 12v compact fluorescent bulb with a stardard medium base from and am in the process of adding a new 12VDC circuit. With this new circuit I will be changing the 120VAC track lights over both counters (where the dinette and couch would be) with 12V CF lights. Basically 60W incandescent output from 15W, without the need for a source of 120VAC. So to add the circuit, I am in the process of mapping-out the 12VDC system and making changes to remove interior 12VDC loads to use the Perko battery selector switch output instead of being directly connected to the coach battery. This will allow me to use the house battery (four deep-cycles) for all of the loads and keep me from worrying about draining the coach(engine starting) battery. Basically, I will run a new 6AWG cable to the front circuit breakers to supply separate power to those loads I want to shed from the coach battery. Only driving related loads will be supplied by the coach battery. I will then add a new switch at the door to control the new front 12VDC track lighting. For now, the other 120VAC lights in the galley and bedroom will remain as is, with their 120VAC LED bulbs. Later I will change them over to 12V as well, so only the microwave and A/C (or other toys) will need 120VAC. Later, I will convert the 120VAC LED bulbs I have to 12V and use them instead of the CFs for added energy savings.

When someday the RV gods drop an AC inverter/battery charger on my lap, I will connect it to the House batteries directly (through a 150A breaker) to supply power to the 120VAC systems, and charge the batteries through a isolation set-up when connected to the grid. Don't forget my 40W solar panels that are connected to the DC mains to offset usage by the fridge and charge the batteries when in full sun.