Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping Prep and Update

 Previously I read on the Travco list and now finally verified (for myself) that wheel lugs on the left side of the vehicle have left-handed threads. All of my 6-lug rims have alternating recesses and upsets on the lug holes with locating holes for the pin sticking out of the rear hubs. The bottom lug is upset, the top right is recessed. These wheels are lug centered, not hub centered. Some people may not like the split-ring rims, but I like the fact that I can take a tire off and repair a flat myself (with the help of some tools and a chain for safety). True, you can repair a tubeless tire with a plug, but inserting a plug could damage the tire more.

 I added an additional temperature gauge, one with values, a volt meter to compliment the amp meter, and in the center a fuel pressure gauge. I have an electric fuel pump and have realized I need one with more flow.

 Here is one of the SeaSense #50023755 LED dome lights that I have installed in the front cabin, but still need to replace the units in the rear. The switch has three positions, to the left is RED LEDs (0.08A), center is OFF, to the right is WHITE LEDs (0.16A). They use are sold at boating stores or online. Compare this to an #1156 bulb that is 2.1A, so using 7.6% of the power. They are a different color and not as bright, so I suggest you add these next to the existing lights, you can use one or the other or both.
 Another addition are two new 6V Trojan T-105 batteries in series for my auxiliary battery bank (replacing two 12V batteries in parallel, which was a no-no). I switch this bank in with a perko switch to the chassis as needed. I can also connect the generator battery to the chassis if it needs a boost.