Monday, September 29, 2008

Exterior Lights

When I first received Travie, he needed to have most if not all of his lights replaced. Only the tail-lights and three of the rear clearance lights worked (no headlights either). While at my local parts place (Prairie Grove Auto and Farm Supply) I came across a display for the Car Quest brand (it is really Grote) of LED lights, and low and behold were the triangular clearance lights that I needed to replace on the rig. Knowing now that the new ones are Grote brand, I noticed that the originals were Grote brand as well. Red led clearance G5052, Amber led clearance G5053. I also replaced the front turn signals with led 539733, led tails G4002,tail stainless flange 43253.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Travco Background - Short Story

Ok, so maybe I should give everyone some background on my Travco. I am good friends with the father (Chuck Deaton) of one of my pledge brothers (Craig, or R-Less) from my Engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. Anyway, he (Chuck) likes to work on old vehicles, and had purchased the Travco on the west coast and between a bunch of beer and money, he had it restored it to good mechanical order, more about that later. Chuck has another RV and I took my wife down to his house to see it, as we were planning on borrowing it sometime. As we came up the drive, we saw the Travco, the back window was out as was the door's sliding window. I assured her that it was not "it." Well, short story is later, after Chuck found out I was looking to buy an RV, he offered to give me the Travco. Luckily, my wife wanted to move my office out of the house to make room for the new baby's nursery, so it was a "go."

So some of you other Travco owners have commented on the looks and waves you get from others, and I know how it is, but when you see these pics, you will understand I kind-a get slightly different looks, but always smile. (or laughs!)

As you can see, previous owners painted it with primer gray, then Chuck started to sand off the primer, and that is what you get. I had to remove the luggage rack as it was only held-on with 3 of the 8 bolts, and the other holes just let in water, so off it came.

So current plans are to continue to work on leaks on the back and side windows,install throttle-body fuel injection to replace the carburetor and improve the fuel economy (economy???? Ha!) mainly to improve the drivability.

Check out the 4 cylinder flat-head 6.5KW Kohler generator in this thing, weighs a ton, but so cool!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bikes Blues and BBQ and Mystery Travco

Today is the first time I have ever seen another Travco in person (besides my own). It was a shorter version, 21ft I think, blue stripe down the side (much better than my spotted primer gray...Hey, I didn't do it!!!). Yippee! They do exist! Just after that, at the next stop-light, I was reminded of the need for a cup-holder...Splash, cherry coke, all over the floor. Thank goodness there are full-size towels available in such a rig and luckily, I do not have carpet, so clean-up was easy. Interesting add... last week or so, my lil' brother bought a 31ft 1971 Airstream at HWY 62 RV (, and I towed it to my house behind the Travco, quite a sight to see. Hey Gary, send me the photos why don't ya.