Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camping trip to Devil's Den and fuel pressure findings.

Last Sunday Ben and I went to Devil's Den in the Travco to visit Gigi and Grandpa Shertzer. This was Ben's first overnight camping trip, now 2 years and 10 months old. Ben had a wonderful time and since Mommy was not there to tell Dad to put him to bed, we stayed-up about 90 minutes past his bedtime to see the fireflies and nightfall. I used the generator to run the air conditioning on the way there and back. That night was the first time I used the A/C overnight while camping, normally I dry camp out in the boondocks without any plug-ins. The RV slot was not all in the shade, so for Ben to take a nap, I put a tarp over the back window to try to block more of the light and heat. I think I need to make a custom foil on foam insert for the windows to block light and heat. I suppose I could use the foil bubble wrap stuff, but I like the idea of a firm insert for the back window. I will try both methods and see which I prefer.

I had installed a fuel pressure gauge as I was still having problems sometimes with it running well. What I found was that on heavy acceleration after a few seconds the fuel pressure would start to drop, and at about 4psi, the engine would start to fumble. So, obviously I need a pump with better flow, but to do so I will definitely need a fuel pressure regulator. I have read that the fuel pressure should be between 5-7psi. VoyageVixen, I want to know how the 6-pack works-out when you get it installed. I need help finding a gas cap, as the PO lost the cap for me. I am using a "test-plug, but it doesn't seem to fit tight anymore. Any suggestions? It has a pipe thread, but I think it is less than 2", but more than 1.5"?


VoyageVixen said...

We are putting off the install of the 6 pack for a later date. We are also searching for a gas cap. I will post on the yahoo travco group to see if there are suggestions.

VoyageVixen said...

If you join the travco group (if you have not already) they have a string on the forums about gas caps.

VoyageVixen said...

ok one more post... in the travco group string one poster suggests this:

"gates # are 31801 for non locking and 31821 for locking"

1966 Travco 270 said...

I looked at these and will have to try one... if I can remember to order one.