Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winter To Do List

So, after the last camping trip I have started the following list of Winter to do items:
1) Winterize water system by pumping RV antifreeze into system and sink/shower drain traps. (DONE)
2) Replace brake-light switch. (DONE, see future post.)
3) Repair/replace headlight dimmer switch. (DONE, see future post. Now above the floor and not below, sticking through, where it was exposed to the elements.)
5) Install safety shut-off switch for fuel pump. oil-pressure or starter engaged = on, low pressure = off. Also include an override switch to shut-off pump for engine shut-down to prevent carb. bowl boil-over and also draining carb. bowl for long-term storage. (override-Done)
6) Install gutter over rear window and caulk to prevent further leaks in rear window. (Gutter purchased)
7) Install fuel pressure regulator and set to 7psi. (purchased)
4) Install larger flow fuel pump to allow sustained pedal-to-the-floor "romps."
8) Patch hole in roof from ice storm, "properly" with fiberglass patch. (not duck tape)
9) Install new battery charger/AC inverter.
10) Replace spark plugs on side with different head. (purchased)
11) Make a new cover for the generator and install better sound insulation.
12) Install new commercial wiper blades (DONE, see future post.)
13) Replace gasket for fuel tank sending unit. (leaking when tank is full) (purchased)
14) Replacement fuel tank cap. (DONE, see next post. )
15) Repair RR brake wheel cyl, front diff. seal, LF brake hose
16) Replace LF mud flap.
17) Install time delay relay for furnace & clean-out burners OR replace furnace with modern unit. (DONE, see future post)
18) Replace door dead-bolt.
19) Custom-fit bubble foil as window shades. (some purchased)
20) Install upgraded circuit breaker for heater/defroster. (DONE, see future post)
21) Install separate circuit breaker for fuel pump. (DONE, see future post on defroster.)
22) Weld on another bolt to hold spare tire on rear mount.
23) Install tire covers for UV protection while parked.
24) Install reflective foam board where needed. (purchased)
7 of 24 complete 29% (list continues to grow)

Future nice things to have:
1) Install speakers in a compartment that can be opened for "outdoor" speakers.
2) Install 2nd fuel tank and switch-over for more range or genny time.
3) Install seat-belts.
4) Install front receiver hitch for Hitch-haul or bike rack.
5) Add two receiver tubes for extra support of rear hitch-haul for 4-wheeler.
6) Sand primer off fiberglass.
7) Oil filter for genny. (determine if it has proper holes for hook-up)
8) Connect heater hoses to genny to heat cabin while it is running.
9) Install water heater that uses propane, electric and engine or genny heat.

Holy-cow! I had no idea I had such a long list of things to fix/replace!

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