Thursday, October 13, 2011

Furnace repair and beds

Last time we had the Travco out in cold weather, the furnace fan was not starting on its own and required a helping hand to get it spinning. Not good at night while you are sleeping, but luckily at the time we had shore power and electric heaters on board. Anyway, I took the blower until out, it has a universal motor in it. It works on either AC or DC, so regardless which way you supply power it always turns in the correct direction. Unless of course the brushes are stuck. As the oil for the bearings got old, it got sticky. Apparently in the past someone had over oiled the motor, and so the oil had made its way to the brushes and as it got old and sticky it gummed them up so they would not advance and maintain contact with the commutator. So I cleaned the brushes and their tubes and hopefully I am good to go for another 44 years! Oh, just as a note, one of the brushes had the following number on it, 2189. might be a part number? Anyway, I plan to take the rig out in the next month to go camping at Devil's Den. I am going to remove one of the two counter tops, the one behind the driver and put a homemade tri-bunk in its place. I have ordered three 30x72" foam mattresses. I am going to cut down bed frame rails donated from family and weld or bolt them together. Can't really start building until I get the mattresses.


Ryan Brutt said...

I miss updates on this restoration. Anything new?

1966 Travco 270 said...

I finally approved your comment and posted some new content today. Hopefully as we camp more now as the kids are older, I will have more to blog about.

jc said...

I think we spoke a few years ago, I am in fayetteville and have the 67 Travco. Thought I would let you know I am going to put her up for sale soon. I just have ran out of time to keep it in great shape. Too many things going on,