Saturday, March 1, 2014

June Camping = Hot and Buggy

 I started this post last June and never finished it... So I am posting it now.

The other day I took a day off from working at my job, and traded it for a day of working on the Travco. On the previous camping trip it had fuel pump issues, so I wanted to look into eliminating those issues. After discovering that the electric fuel pump decided it didn't want to pump any more, I replaced it. While under the rig I happened to glance at the universal joint closest to the rear axle. It was then I discovered that one pair of bearing cups had failed and had worn through and looked like Pac-Man. Calling the local parts store with the chassis model actually got an in-stock hit for a $15 U-joint. So I replaced it, and on down the road we went!

....Hmm yeah, and it was hot and buggy as well.

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