Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuel level sending unit fix

Today's task was to figure out why the gas gauge didn't work. It is a Dodge chassis and I was told by Greg Garner of Real Time Engineering (, they repair and re-manufacture Mopar i.e. Dodge, and others guage/console components) that they should measure 80 Ohms empty. I determined the sending unit had a resistance of 80 Ohms, hmm empty, but I know it is not empty. So when I ground the wire, the gauge goes to full. Cool, gauge works. From working on replacing the plywood under the bed months before, I knew one of the previous owners had made a hole to access the sending unit, so I opened it up and after verifying it wasn't the wires that were bad, removed the unit from the tank. I determined the float had a hole in it, and luckily my parts store had a replacement float on the shelf, WOW! Car Quest# CPS80435 (stewart-warner #411290), $11.96 with tax. Yipee, now I can drive or operate the generator and be a "little" more relaxed. Oh, for those who might want to know, on my rig, the sending unit access hole is about 5" wide, 13" back from the corner edge of the bathroom, and 3" over toward the passenger side from the same edge.

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David Edwards said...

Hi, I am engouraged after seeing this information on the location of the fuel sending unit on your Travco. Is there any possibility that you could provide a location reference with an imaginary line going through the center of the vehicle from front to back? so X = distance from sending unit to center of vehicle and y = distance to rear wall of vehicle. I ask this only because I belive my bathroom ay be in a different location and my Travco is a 1973.
Best regards,