Thursday, October 9, 2008

Travco pulling an Airstream

Here is a picture of my brother's "new" Airstream hitched to my Travco while getting ready to pull-out of the HWY62RV. 60 plus feet of antique RV. So now, My Dad and step-mom have a 31 foot 2006 Fleetwood class C motorhome, my wife and I have a 27 foot 1966 Travco class A motorhome, and my brother has a 31 foot 1971 Airstream travel trailer. I doubt my Mother and step-dad will get the bug, but who knows, huh?

From the picture you can almost imagine what it looked like before someone put on all the primer paint on it. I can't wait to sand it all off and paint a different color stripe on it. Any suggestions?

My brother bought his Airstream to live in while he builds his house. If I ever build a new house, it is nice to know I have some options.


VoyageVixen said...

that is quite the site! I can't believe it could haul it. I see you swapped in a new motor though so I am sure that helped. I still have the 318 with push button transmission

1966 Travco 270 said...

Yeah, even with the load, it could take-off fast. I didn't have the trailer brakes hooked-up yet and it still stopped very quickly. The previous owner had a lot of mechanical work done to it though, so lucky me! The 318 is a good motor, I had a few before (in other cars), but this is my first 440. After I fuel inject it, it should get much better fuel economy. Your 318 probably does not have electronic ignition, if you are interested, please let me know and I can help.