Friday, October 3, 2008

Specs for my 1966 Travco 270

1966 Model 270 Travco, 27 feet long, originally came with a Dodge 318 cubic inch engine, but was blown and replaced with a 1973 Dodge 440 cubic inch engine (440-3) with a 1973 3 speed 727 automatic transmission (727-3).
M-300 Chassis
It has a Kohler Generator:
6.5C61 5080A3/4
serial 277767
Controller A-245701
KW 6.5
KVA 6.5
VOLT 120/240
RPM 1800
The generator has a flat-head 4-cylinder 59.4 cubic inch (.97 Liter) L600 engine.


Christi said...

Dude! "The adventures of Travco270" sounds like a MySpace handle old school AOL handle.

Blog on!

Eric and Christi in Chicago

1966 Travco 270 said...


VoyageVixen said...

glad to see another travco fan online. what are some of the most interesting things you have discovered about your rig? I soon realized that mine is a little rare with the 2 doors as all the travco's i've seen just have one. On my blog if you check out my resources I've tried to link to a lot of online travco brochures for others' research as well.

1966 Travco 270 said...

I think what is most interesting is that it had a floor mounted air-conditioner. I will blog about it later. Thanks for stopping by, I will be checking-out your blogs, so keep them coming!