Monday, October 13, 2008

Workspace and Ground Clearance

My Travco is primarily my office and secondly an RV, so instead of a dinette and couch, I have two counter tops. One is an ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe soldering workstation for assembling printed circuit boards and the other one soon will be. Currently I put my laptop, programming computer and other assorted stuff on the second top. The walls will be future project, maybe when I start freezing to death I will fix them. When my brother puts spray foam in at his house, I will have to borrow his spray guns to insulate my walls! You can see the floor in some of the pics, I decided to put in wood floors... just not done yet. My current project is finishing the second counter top support legs and installing a 120v outlet under the first counter. I also need to install an outlet on one of the sides of the fridge so I can plug the microwave and toaster into something besides a makeshift extension cord.
Being an RV as well, I must keep the ability to secure everything easily for travel, sometimes down rough roads. In fact, one of the things I like about the Travco is it's excellent ground clearance, just like you see in the brochures, driving around down to the river banks. The 440 motor in this Travco came out of another Travco who's owner put in a 4-wheel drive Cummins diesel set-up into it. So it is hard to decide if I should add another gas tank I have that would reduce the clearance, or find one somewhere that would not. I think I will look around.


VoyageVixen said...

nice office set up! Thanks for the offer on the vintage signal lights but I have replacements already, just not yet installed well I go through the 4 stage waxing process!!

1966 Travco 270 said...